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Exploración ocular completa

The complete ocular examination consists first of an external ocular examination, Observing if the patient has a healthy eye or suffers from any abnormality, such as conjunctivitis, ocular inflammation, etc. If the eye is healthy, we proceed to measure visual acuity, a term that means the vision that one achieves without correction, as is. Pupillary reflexes are checked and then an eye fundus examination is performed with the ophthalmoscope, this apparatus emits a light to the eye, and allows us to verify that the interior of the eye does not suffer any abnormality, such as cataracts, diabetes, ocular tension, detachment of retina, etc. Next, we explore the visual field, which is the portion of space that an eye is able to cover with the gaze directed straight ahead. Finally we perform the measurement of eye pressure (PIO) and we can start with the graduation.


Cuando un paciente viene a la óptica, normalmente es porque ha notado alguna alteración de la vista, por ejemplo que ve menos (disminución de la agudeza visual), no percibe bien la forma o tamaño de los objetos, dificultad de adaptación en la oscuridad, visión de moscas volantes, visión doble, pérdida de campo visual, etc. para ello realizamos una Graduación.

Graduation consists of trying to improve the patient's vision both from afar and up close by looking at the optotypes, which are usually letters, numbers, drawings ... until reaching, if possible, 100% vision.

Eye strain measurement

The eye pressure is measured with the tonometer, we use the non-contact tonometer that blows an air supply. Normal measurements of P.I.O. they are usually around 15.5 mm.Hg.

Contact lenses adaptation

We adapt all kinds of contact lenses, permeable or rigid, conventional soft and disposable, the last ones are the most used. Disposable lenses exist in daily, weekly, monthly ... and what we do is the adaptation of contact lenses is to help the client put them on and take them off, graduate to get the best vision and finally wear the ones that best suit their needs. The adaptation usually lasts between 3-5 days, after this time the patient will know if they like it and if they can be worn.

Your monofocal glasses in 24h

The monofocal glasses, which means a graduation both from afar and up close, can be ready in 24 hours, we have our own workshop where we bevel the lenses. We also make all kinds of couplings in the case of breaking the frame we can put the crystals in another frame, even the frames in the air. We also make arrangements like screws, rods, nose pads, welds, changing sunglasses, when scratched.

Own workshop with meteorological instruments

We work with very good brands of meteorological instruments and magnifying glasses, such as Eschenbach and Konus. Magnifying glasses are a fantastic option when there is a problem of visual acuity that the glasses do not allow us to correct better, there are different types and sizes, with Led light, they allow to considerably improve the view, especially close up.
Special glasses also exist in our optics for low vision, macular degeneration ... they have special filters to be able to better see the contrast.